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Hey all you dudes out there. Cougars are sleek and know how to tease and please. Coleen started slow and built up the sexual tension all evening. By the time we got back to her place, she owned me. She knows positions from the Kama Sutra I never thought people could do!!!

Josh, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Last night I learned how to satisfy a real woman. She told me where to touch and how to move. She’s not shy and let me know I was pleasing her. She might be over forty, but there’s nothing better than loving a cougar. Thanks cougardating.tv.

Bill, Las Vegas, Nevada

When I heard about cougardating.tv, I gave it a try. When he took me home, the passion was outa control. Twenty-something and me sizzled up the sheets!!

Janice, Augusta, Georgia

I’m not a shy woman and know exactly why I came to cougardating.tv . A hot twenty-year old is eager to please.My handsome blond Steven has a hard, strong body.

Madeline, Boston, Massachusetts

I am twenty-four years old. I used to have missionary position sex, period. A buddy of mine clued me in about cougars. Now just the word makes me horny. Sandy is plain – sexy!!

Robert J., Miama, Florida